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Ethernet over Fiber

When it comes to using Ethernet services, there are many ways that you can connect your service.  One of the preferred choices of businesses is Ethernet over Fiber.  A fiber connection offers an extremely fast and seamless connection for your business.  It is more expensive than Ethernet over Copper, but you will end up having faster service even with the same amount of bandwidth connection.  You can also connect any office over the Michigan metropolitan area when you use a fiber connection. 

You might see a lot of different types of Ethernet connections available including Ethernet over Fiber and wonder which is right for your company?  If you are having a difficult time choosing which Ethernet connection is better for your company’s needs, then you should contact us now.  One of our knowledgeable customer representatives will discuss with you in ordinary terms the differences between fiber and copper Ethernet.  Using Ethernet over Fiber is easy to use, scalable and cost effective.  What more could you want out of a broadband service?

With Ethernet over Fiber, you still benefit from all of the great advantages that you would with any Ethernet service such as a guaranteed 99.9999 percent uptime, fast uploads, the ability to use other telecom services, security, protection of client information and much more.  Contact us today without obligation to learn more about Ethernet over Fiber and how this connection is right for your business.